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iPhone Battery Replacement Dubai

When a mobile device is used for a long time, it will show some battery issues. This could be due to the amount of usage or the type of charging mode applied. But, regardless, when your iPhone battery stops working or gets defective, it is a hard time for the user to choose what should be done.

The first thing that comes to mind is to get the defective iPhone battery replaced at the Apple Service Center. Yet, we know how expensive even the iPhone repairs and replacement services are right!

But, no worries. The iPhone repair in Dubai offers a variety of services to its customers. Whether you want an iPhone screen repaired or an iPhone battery replacement, the service providers will give you satisfactory results. And that too, at an affordable charge.

You also do not have to concern over the reliability and authenticity of the units or parts used for replacement. They make sure to use only the authorized parts of the brand that fit the quality and image of an iPhone.

When you look at an iPhone externally, its screen and battery are the most crucial elements. And these two are also the only two elements of an iPhone most prone to damage and performance issues. Whether your iPhone battery is facing water damage or wear and tear, the iPhone repair, Dubai, has several services you can avail of.

Unlike the Apple service center, which usually takes around one week to repair or replace iPhone parts, these third-party providers offer prompt response and quick quality services.

Even if you are using the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max or the older iPhone 6, their skilled technicians are experienced enough to offer the correct procedure for your battery replacement. Now, before the technicians proceed to replace your iPhone battery, they would diagnose the root cause of the battery not working. If there are any additional damages relating to the main issue, they will fix that for you.

With that in mind, it seems like it would help the iPhone user to know the possible causes of the iPhone battery not working. This knowledge would support the technicians in providing the correct iPhone repair service as soon as possible. It will save the time that would have otherwise gone into determining the cause of the issue.

Causes responsible for iPhone battery not working.

iPhone battery not working means that the battery has failed. It cannot pick up a charge as quickly or is draining charge at an astonishing rate. The apps on the phone may also result in iPhone battery woes.

Below are some possible causes why your iPhone battery is failing or not working. And these are also the types of iPhone battery issues that the iPhone repair services in Dubai often deal with.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is it reliable to replace an iPhone battery?

The iPhone battery will last about 300 to 400 full battery cycles. After a point, it will charge only up to 80% capacity of its original potential. This situation will arise after continuous use of the iPhone for two full years. And that would be a pretty reasonable duration to get battery replacement instead.

Is the iPhone battery replacement worth it rather than getting a new iPhone?

If you have the budget, you can get yourself a new iPhone. But if budget is an issue and your iPhone holds important data and memories, getting a battery replacement is worth it. You cannot ignore the battery health issues of an iPhone.

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